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Italiana Carpenterie Carpenteria Metallica

Technical office
Purchases and estimates engineering

Carpenteria Metallica - Soluzioni strutturali in acciaio

The customer’s idea is thoroughly developed in order to obtain structures with the maximum functional and aesthetic value, be it an industrial shed, a prefabricated metal or a steel bridge. Technical office is at disposal from the very beginning of the project. In collaboration and/or in support to designers,
it prepares structural calculations relating to working drawing, making use of highly specialized technicians in the fi eld. The elaborates are then developed with the drafting of the drawings of factory and separate processing through the use of appropriate hardware and software applications.


Purchases and estimates engineering


Montaggio Capannoni Industriali


Civil and Industrial Buildings


Italiana Carpenterie s.r.l.
Sede Legale e Unità Locale:
VIA EMILIO GINO SEGRE’, 5 - fraz. Giussago - 30026 Portogruaro (Venezia) - ITALY  - P.IVA 01702380930 - Reg. Imprese VENEZIA Cap. Soc. € 50.000 i.v.
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