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Italiana Carpenterie Azienda Veneta Carpenteria Metallica

Italiana Carpenterie
Gives structure to your projects

Aziende in Veneto specializzate in Carpenteria Pesante

Looking to our costumer's requirements, focus the points of strength of his idea and give structure to the project. It is long time that Italiana Carpenterie s.r.l is synonym of sensitivity and creativity, to give technical adequate and functional solution to the enterprises which want to grow and to spread, over the territory which surrounds, them its identity.

the spirit which animates our Group is this: offer, in function of the necessities and the typologies of requested work, animed professionalism as Italiana Carpenterie s.r.l., both wanted and driven by a cautions technical and entrepreneurial experience, ripened in twenty years of success.

A wise dosage between traditional mastery and capacity to be able to master technolohies adn innovations strategic for the sector of tecno-structure and the good quality weldings.

Isola di saldatura robotizzata COMAU

This is the formula which has consolidated the success of the Italiana Carpenterie s.r.l., up to to have it preferred,already since a few years, as ideal partner for the enterprises which want to open new plants abroad.

All this is possible because the Italiana Carpenterie S.r.l. makes use of a team of professional capacities always prepared and brought up to date able to satisfy the specific and particular technical requests solutions from the handmade article.

Italiana Carpenterie s.r.l. means, first of all, an engineering team, which can share the demands, the values of the projects and for this offer functional answer to the realization of the project.

For us giving structures your projects it also means giving identity and personality to your enterprise.




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Strutture in Acciao Vetro


Civil and Industrial Buildings
Italiana Carpenterie s.r.l.
Sede Legale e Unità Locale:
VIA EMILIO GINO SEGRE’, 5 - fraz. Giussago - 30026 Portogruaro (Venezia) - ITALY  - P.IVA 01702380930 - Reg. Imprese VENEZIA Cap. Soc. € 50.000 i.v.
Tel. 0421.244378 - 0421.244379 - Fax 0421.245644 -
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